Work's Broken?
Welcome to Work's Broken with Niall O'Carroll.
Exploring how behavioural change and psychology can make work better.
Our mission is to build better teams by elevating people over process.
Niall is a qualified psychologist, sports psychologist and business coach, and he's also the Chief of Global Partnerships at PepTalk.

As Chief of Global Partnerships, Niall has helped PepTalk develop a global voice whilst never losing sight of what makes them uniquely Irish.

Work's Broken is a series of conversations with epic leaders that explore the messages of wellbeing as a high performance tool.

The future world of work can only succeed when we move away from old broken models and put the human at the centre of the discussion.
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Work's Broken with Bennie Fowler
Niall O'Carroll is a sports psychologist, psychologist and business coach. In this episode Niall is in conversation with NFL player turned business leadership coach, Bennie Fowler.