PepTalk Use Cases
Making your teams, leaders and the organisation better

1. Improve Retention, Less Attrition

Increase engagement levels across teams and create the environment so people want to stay and do their best work.

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2. Power Culture & New Ways of Working

Embed habits and behaviors needed to deliver change and business outcomes in today's dispersed workplace.

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3. Manager Effectiveness

Provide your manager and leadership community with the supports and actions needed to promote psychological safety at work.

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4. Supercharge Team Engagement & Action

Build better teams through monthly insight into the quality of team sentiment, engagement AND set up the actions needed to improve outcomes, consistently.

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5. Reduce the Information <>Action Gap

You have a variety of tools telling you all sorts of things but how quickly can you action the 'how' of what your surveys are telling you, before issues become problems.

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6. Enhanced Workplace Wellbeing

Consolidate your D&I, CSR and engagement activities into a single place to communicate clearer, have more people participate AND measure the positive impact.

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