6. Enhanced Workplace Wellbeing

Scale participation and impact around your DE&I, CSR, Culture, Wellbeing and Engagement programmes. Bring it to life and together in a single, accessible 'digital water-cooler'!

The problem...

Wellbeing committees, health-care apps, mindfulness events, sports and social, Pride-week... lots going on and rightly so. CSR, DEI and programmes to promote awareness of mental health, burnout and so many more areas are massively relevant (and mandated as a regulatory requirement in several industries).

But is what you are doing making a difference for more than the 20% who will always get involved?

What about the silent or dis-engaged majority. A lot of time energy, commitment and heavy lifting goes in (usually from HR!) to design programmes, bring in speakers, co-ordinate events and keep things fresh. Over time this gets more difficult and even more so when resources are only available on Sharepoint or via the company website... (are you really likely to access Sharepoint for important resources late into the evening?)

Things that don't work...

Cure is not better than prevention. The employee assistance programme (EAP) and mental health first aiders is an emergency response so should not be seen as the pillars that support a scaled and inclusive wellbeing programme.

Health insurance providers are getting in on the act but thats not great if you have an international dimension to your workforce and a US, UK or European insurance provider doesn't cross borders. Too much going on without any focus?

The PepTalk solution

Using the PepTalk platform organisations can channel all their D&I, CSR, engagement and wellbeing initiatives to a single source. PepTalk community live events, health and wellbeing challenges that can bring together teams in Manilla, Miami, Melbourne, Mumbai to Manchester! Engage more people and achieve more powerful outcomes across the organisation by enhancing availability of proactive workplace support in a single, consolidated digital water-cooler!

The Outcome

  • A scalable and highly impactful engagement and wellbeing program that reaches across the entire organisation
  • Using your insights and actions to create an employer brand that is highly attractive to new talent, and keeps the ones you've hired!
  • Reduce the burden of time and effort and automate the process so you can be sure a professional, engaging and thoughtful wellbeing platform is always on!

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