1. Improve Retention, Less Attrition!

Increase engagement levels, creates the community and environment at work that helps your people to connect better, ramp quicker and stay longer and do their best work.

The problem...

Engaged employees are those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. Participation in todays remote workplace so much harder now. The traditional avenues that bring people together are not open to you and the usual ways of doing it are not really effective in the first place... usually the same 20% or so of people... what about the other 80%?

Low participation or falling engagement may be a symptom of employees considering a change. Loads of studies on The Great Resignation suggest 40-60% of employees are considering changing jobs in the next 12 months.

Things that don't work...

Companies have no problem measuring engagement through the annual survey or even via point solutions such as employee listening tools and pulse checks. Additionally, there are more than enough communication platforms and intranet noticeboards. However, none of these are capable of increasing connection and solving engagement issues that employees experience over the long term.

So, how can you quickly can you make new joiners feel part of their team, get more people involved in fun challenges and learning path-ways that shows the human side of work, forges community and sustains loyalty to the 'tribe' that your people want to feel in today's hybrid workplace? Oh, and more money isn't the answer to an attrition problem!

The PepTalk solution

Our gamified action platform drives individual wellbeing and consolidates team engagement through a platform designed to nurture better behaviours and habits, build connections across the organisation. Better still, you will see monthly insights for team sentiment and energy, be able to  align that with action pathways and 'challenges' and then be able measure the positive impact across your organisation via a management dashboard.

Don't let your most important assets just walk out the door!

The Outcome

  • Better engagement scores and reported wellbeing across teams within the entire organisation
  • Higher discretionary effort because of better team cohesion and connectivity
  • A solid feeling of trust and shared purpose due to managers role modelling habits and behaviours that promote this within the team

Ultimately, employees are more likely to be retained in this environment. This is what HBR has to say about it!

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