3. Manager Effectiveness

Energise your managers and build their ‘human’ leadership capability vital in enabling cohesive teams in a dispersed world.

The problem...

A 2018 an Udemy study of 1,000+ U.S. office workers found almost 50% of employees had quit because of a bad manager, and almost 66% believed their manager lacked proper managerial training. We all know managers are usually promoted because of their ability to do the job well.

However, it doesn't necessarily mean they are equipped with the 'human-centric' skills such as empathy and compassion, both of which are vital to sustain successful business outcomes in the hybrid workplace. Loss of physical proximity to people denies managers their ability to read the room and manage effectively... the result is dis-engagement, lost productivity and attrition.

Things that don't work...

The vast majority of companies allocate a training budget for all employees, including managers but few use these benefits effectively enough such that the organisation can report a massive impact. One and done manager training is not a long-term solution.

How much of what is taught is in action everywhere a few weeks after the course completes?

And are you really seeing the impact in engagement across the board?

The PepTalk solution

PepTalk provides managers with information of their team's sentiment and energy on a monthly basis AND provides the action pathways to do something about the information they are getting. Additionally PepTalk provides manager support including scripted TeamTalks that help a leader to demonstrate the ability to have the 'human conversation' so vital to success and sustained performance.

By providing gamified and nudge based learning paths, available in the flow of work, you will see a increased adoption and business impact.

The Outcome

  • Better understanding of teams' readiness to work
  • More cohesive and bonded teams using the PepTalk TeamTalks formula.
  • Ability to assess engagement levels and empower managers to do something before it affects productivity or retention.

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