4. Team Engagement & Action

Onboard new joiners into the work ‘community’ & better integrate groups across the organisation into a cohesive and super-engaged teams.

The problem...

There is a real lack of understanding about what drives performance. Psychological safety is the common denominator in high-performing teams but few solutions offer a program of actions designed at achieving it.

Once off events, motivational speakers at the annual conference and other short term programmes provide high levels of visibility but long term provide very little in terms of consistent growth in engagement and adoption of the behaviours that feed a culture where high performance thrives.

Things that don't work...

Organisations generally have no problem measuring engagement through an annual survey or specific performance management and engagement point solutions. But none of these provide the follow on actions to support improved connection, community and engagement.

Additionally, it can be hard to pin point teams that are thriving and identify those that are just about surviving. Business performance data like sales figures & CSAT are a poor measure of team health in todays remote workplace.

The PepTalk solution

A consistent, measured and integrated platform of manager led monthly Team Check-In, combined with the monthly Manager TeamTalks gauges sentiment, energy and readiness to work. Driving from that insight are individual and team focused actions and challenges.

Our gamified platform drives team and individual wellbeing and engagement designed to create better behaviours and habits, building a cohesive community within the team where trust and shared experiences build engagement.

The Outcome

  • Better understanding of teams' readiness to work
  • More effective meetings using the PepTalk TeamTalks
  • Ability to assess engagement levels before it affects productivity and retention
  • Builds towards your brand as an employer of choice.

Further information

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