PepTalk Product Overview
A unique team engagement and action platform that enables managers and teams to perform at their best
The Team Engagement & Action Platform

Using real-time data and insights, our platform delivers actions aimed at creating positive habits and behaviour change that will improve employee engagement and wellbeing.
PepTalk Insight

Team Check-in

Empower managers and teams with sentiment and engagement insights through a monthly 'Team Check-In'.

Facilitate managers and teams in engaging with the 'human' side of the workplace and the understanding of 'how are we all doing' more regularly than the annual engagement survey.

PepTalk Action

Bridging the information<>action gap

Our program reflects the insights you draw from the Team Check-In and act to support individuals, teams and managers across both wellbeing AND team engagement subjects. E.g. Work Hacks, Powering Teams, Team Culture (for teams and work) but also 'Sleep' 'Move' 'Nourish' 'Financial' for the individual... all paths naturally support a 'better human' in work!

Power consistent team engagement, fun and recognition through gamified team challenges & leaderboards

Paths are a series of challenges that an individual or a team can go on over a period of time.

These challenges support an individual or a team to take a positive action... or in some cases, to learn something new or to simply have fun and create the intentional moments for connection, cohesion and belonging in the workplace.

PepTalk Measure

Analytics and Data Dashboards

Enable senior leaders to truly know the health of the organisation and the trends on engagement by team and by region. As the world of work gets busier and the relentless pace of business continues, empower your abilty to ask better questions that can then promote better outcomes for your people - the biggest organisational asset!

PepTalk Leaders


Team Talk is a monthly guide for a manager giving them the space and support to talk with their team about the subjects related to engagement, wellbeing and the insights showing up from the Team Check-In.

Manager led Content & Toolkits

Managers have so much more to do now than ever before.

The burden of leadership and the need to role model empathy and compassion is crucial to building successful cultures and performing teams in the hybrid workplace.

How do you know what to do and where to start?? PepTalk has you covered!

PepTalk Live

Community Events & Speaker Series

Monthly community events and gatherings to hear from vast range of inspirational speakers drawn from the world of sport, business, nutrition, music, the arts and more!

Take the heavy lifting out of having to continually present a fresh set of speakers and talks - Let PepTalk deliver, well... the PepTalk!

Better still, if you can't attend always find the recordings and learnings on our app!

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