Leadership Development

Better managers lead better teams
that build better companies

Are your managers real leaders?

Or do they just track employee KPIs?

So how effective are your managers?

Managers own team culture. We know that over 70% of employee leave companies because of poor managers, this was prior to the hybrid work revolution.

Why is leadership development important?

The modern manager's role is far more than supervisory. According Gallup 70% of a team's engagement is influenced by managers.
Poor hybrid managers will lead to higher levels of attrition, which has additional cost and performance impact for organistions.

Leadership development is key
to delivering better business outcomes


According to a Gallup survey

< 20% of employees felt their leadership communicates effectively with the whole company.

< 20% of employees felt energised by their leadership about the future.

< 25% of employees felt motivated to do outstanding work by the way their performance is managed.

Accountability takes many forms - goals, deadlines and milestones, for example - but at its core, it's simply holding people accountable for results. This sounds simple and obvious, but in my experience as an entrepreneur and leader, it's often the biggest barrier to success.


Whether remote-first or office first, listening paths are now an essential part of good leadership.

Creating an environment where your team are heard is a crucial part of developing a positive team culture.

A recent report by McKinsey suggested teams favour leaders who empower others and promote an open environment over those who practice authoritative or consultative leadership.

It's important that you have the tools to be able to assess your teams' readiness to work and identify blockers to performance.

How often to you engage your team in an open and vulnerable way?


The findings pointed towards three common denominators in high-performing teams.

Equality  - everybody on the team had equal opportunities and time to talk

Contribution  - when people talked they felt the group was listening and they were heard

Empathy - the better teams had a high average social sensitivity - being able to recognise how others felt based on their tone of voice, their expressions and other nonverbal cues.

Leader effectiveness, regardless of location, comes down to being able to ensure promote the common traits of high-performing teams.

PepTalk's platform for leadership development

Companies that train and enable managers to build a positive hybrid team culture will thrive. Our platform provides the tools and coaching to make this happen.
Case study
Sysco Ireland
“We knew the PepTalk hub would help solve this issue but the adoption and usage by employees during the Workplace Wellness Championships was really impressive”
Christine McGrath
Learning & Development – Sysco Ireland (Pallas Foods)
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of survey respondents felt Peptalk improved their personal life & connection to colleagues
Case study
"Prior to the Covid and 'working from home' we had not really pushed the wellbeing program, more allowing employees to find their own ways of using it. But the WWC provided a nice catalyst for us to start pulling together as one team."
Laura Brennan
Head of HR
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Grenke leaders inspire a dramatic rise in wellbeing activity

This is how PepTalk makes an impact

Gamified Team Challenges

At regular intervals throughout the year we will run company wide team challenges. The are scalable though the whole organisations and led my the managers and senior leadership. There is no better way to generate shared experiences amongst your people.

Social Community

Within the PepTalk app there are daily themed #hashtags for employees at every level to post images of where they are and what they up to. This window into the working day is great for kicking starting conversations and connections.

Manager Training

Whether your team is location based, fully remote or operating under a hybrid model of working, communication and engagement are the springboards for success. Our Leadership Lab and Monthly TeamTalks provide actionable ways for managers to engage with their team.


Managing teams based around KPIs is a limited, one-dimensional approach to people management.

Our new pulsing feature will provide real-time data to managers on their team's readiness to work.

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