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Health Data

Extract from the Privacy Statement

Personal health data is a special category of data and PepTalk collects health data from you only where you consent to the processing of your health data.  The information below is an extract from the full PepTalk Privacy Statement – to see the full statement click here:

Special Categories of Personal data:

Although PepTalk does not provide App users with medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, we

may collect the following health data from you in connection with your use of the App and the Services:

  • Information regarding your mental, physical, emotional and nutritional health or wellbeing.

We collect this information in different ways. Some of the main ways we do this are:

  • Through your answers to the PepCheck questionnaire (physical, emotional and nutritional health data).
  • From step data provided to us by Google Fit or Health Kit (physical health data).
  • When you answer surveys or feedback forms about your use of the App or the Services.

As we continue to build new features into the App it may increase our ability to gather this information. You may also choose to share health information with us through the App's 'Chat to Pep' feature or by email.

If you have any questions or queries please drop us a line to

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