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The PepTalk Platform

PepTalk is an integrated platform dedicated to reducing psychological risks, improving safety performance and enhancing performance culture on construction sites. 

The platform is underpinned by behavioural psychology and combines real time data insights with relevant intervention ‘action packs’ to create the unique environment for project teams to thrive.

About the Platform

People power project performance. With tighter completion schedules, complex specifications and tough working conditions, your people remain your greatest asset to get the job done successfully. 

The PepTalk platform enables project leaders to understand the project team morale (PTM) on every site. First, the platform identifies the top psychological risks impacting the project. Second, it provides expert action plans around how to improve in these areas, because actions speak louder than words.

We achieve this with our unique monthly cycle:
Check-In, Action, Insight


Workers can give direct, anonymised feedback on site morale and psychological hazards through PepTalk’s Team Check-In.

It takes 10 seconds to complete which can be done across your technology channel of choice (via integrations). We even have kiosks on site.

Workers will then receive direct interventions to support areas of concern.


Implement our Risk Mitigation Programs to improve psychological safety in your workplace.

Our Action Packs provide your monthly report card, specific Team Talk™, and  educational resources to address areas of psychological risk such as fatigue, energy, teamwork and wellness.


Using our real time dashboard and report cards you will be able to measure morale and assess trending psychological hazards on the project site on a monthly basis.

Establish a baseline project team morale (PTM) across site and monitor through the duration of the  project while also understanding and addressing psychological risks as they arise. 


Monthly Team Engagement Journey

When it comes to your team, actions speak louder than words. Most platforms listen and provide data. PepTalk goes the extra step and provides the crucial action piece responsible for moving the dial in organisations.

We achieve this with our monthly cycle:
Measure, Insight, Action.


Real-time dashboards & analytics provide an early warning system for the factors impacting team engagement, retention, and performance.


Sentiment tracking through monthly Team Check-In deliver insights into the real issues affecting team experience.


PepTalk helps leaders and teams act on these insights to engage the whole team using Paths and TeamTalks.


See PepTalk in action

Schedule a demo of the platform with one of our experts.