Work's Broken with Sam White


Our three big takeaways from Niall's conversation with Sam White are

  1. Diversity of thought - Sam has found that living with dyslexia means she can sometimes finds it difficult to follow other peoples processes. However, she believes her dyslexia is also her superpower. Because she needs to do things in a certain way to understand things, quite often she finds better, more creative ways of doing those things.
  2. Having the humility to give others autonomy - Sam really believes that if you ask people to help they will. She knows she doesn't have all the answers and is willing to go and find someone who will have those answers
  3. Reframing failure - even the people we perceive to be successful can tear themselves apart over the most trivial things. Most of the time, it's never as bad as we think it is and we just need to be kind to ourselves.
Show notes
Your own brain can either be your best friend or your worst enemy... it's easy because we are predisposed to go to the negative... but you can make yourself feel and be what ever you want to be if you're willing to be conscious about it.
This week's guest
Sam White
CEO & Founder at Freedom Services Group and Stella
Sam set up her first company at the age of 24 from her sister’s conservatory and as she says in her LinkedIn profile has been learning every day since. Her businesses have over 160 incredibly talented, persistent, and tolerant individuals, they are trying to build something special.