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Clune NY Selects PepTalk as Employee Engagement Solution

Clune NY Selects PepTalk as Employee Engagement Solution

April 13, 2023
- mins read

Team Experience (TX) Platform to provide support to employees, managers and teams

17th March 2023, New York. Today, Clune Construction (Clune) New York announced the selection of PepTalk as their employee experience solution. PepTalk is a leading provider of employee engagement through its Team Experience platform. Clune NY is using PepTalk as part of their Work Safe, Home Safe initiative, which ensures employee safety and protection. The announcement was hosted in Clune’s NY office, and the guest of honor was An Tániste, Mr Micheál Martin, TD.

Clune NY has selected PepTalk as their employee engagement platform. PepTalk believes that an employee’s team and manager are at the center of their experience in an organization. Through Check-In, TeamTalks and Leadership Labs, PepTalk delivers a unique solution for employees, managers, and organizations.

Employee engagement directly impacts safety, attrition, and mental health. According to research, managers impact employees’ mental health as much as a spouse or partner, and more than 80% of employees would rather have good mental health than a high-paying job. The impact on deskless workers can be even greater, with increased burnout and disengagement due to a lack of automation. High employee turnover is a KPI that deskless organizations often find hard to control.

“We are very proud to be announcing our relationship with Clune NY. They lead the industry in their commitment to employee engagement and safety. One of Clune’s core mantras is that they ensure everyone goes home at the end of the day exactly as they arrived, and we are beyond proud to help them achieve this goal," says James Brogan, CEO and Co-Founder of PepTalk. “We know from research that happy employees are safe employees, and energized workers will avoid 64% of accidents.”

“Employee engagement in all industries results in happy employees; in construction, it also contributes to a safe jobsite. With PepTalk, we can check in on our people every day, run TeamTalks, and ensure people go home safely,” said Sean Clune, Managing Director, New York Operations for Clune Construction. “Safety is everyone’s responsibility at Clune, and our protocols are incorporated into every project. Working with PepTalk, another company with Irish roots, has been inspiring. We are eager to see the difference the platform will make for us.”

“I am delighted to see two successful Irish companies Clune Construction and PepTalk working together,” commented An Tániste, Mr Micheál Martin. “Irish talent has long found a home in New York, not least in construction, and with companies like PepTalk, we see the new wave of Irish technology companies empowering even more success in the years to come.”

Announcing the PepTalk and Clune partnership, An Tánaiste, Mr Micheál Martin TD, James Brogan, CEO and Co-Founder of PepTalk, and Sean Clune, Managing Director, New York Operations for Clune Construction.

About Clune Construction

Clune Construction Company is a national general contractor with offices in Chicago; Dallas; Los Angeles; Phoenix; New York; San Francisco; and Washington, DC. Today, Clune employs more than 600 employees and manages over $1 billion in commercial and mission-critical projects annually. Clune Construction believes that the hallmark of its success is grounded in their dedication to consistently delivering its clients' projects on time and under budget, with honesty, integrity and strong emphasis on client satisfaction. Learn more at

About PepTalk

PepTalk, founded in 2017 and with offices in Dublin, London and New York, is the world's first Team Experience (TX) platform that enables managers and their teams to connect, engage and perform at their best in the new world of work. The platform is underpinned by behavioral psychology and uniquely combines data analytics and cutting-edge action programs to deliver improvements in employee engagement, manager effectiveness, and team performance. PepTalk works with a variety of leading corporations such as Verizon, PayPal, Clune Construction and Northern Trust.

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