Hybrid / Remote Teamwork

Building great teams in a hybrid or remote
working environment is a challenge.

How will hybrid / remote working will effect business performance?

What about employee engagement?

How ready are you for hybrid work?

What worked in the office won't work for hybrid or remote employees. Organisations need to take a remote-first approach and prioritise asynchronous, written communications and output focused methods of working.

Why is hybrid / remote teamwork important?

We know that operationally a hybrid model is the future gaining momentum. But have we culturally have we shaped the behaviors and habits across the organistion for teams to thrive in this environment?

Teamwork in the hybrid / remote working model is key to delivering better business outcomes

Hire the best people

A Gallup study found that 59% respondents said they would prefer to stay working remotely after government lockdowns have been lifted.

If you couple this with the estimated 40% of people that are looking to change job in the next 12 months, it's clear that employers need to pay attention to employee needs.

This presents a great opportunity to hire great talent, on a hybrid or remote basis.

If you provide a great working environment regardless of their location teamwork and your people will flourish.

Purpose & Productivity

When teams pull together it is usually around a common goal or purpose. Because they share the same idea, they are all moving in the same direction.

A 2011 study by the American Career Advisory Board wanted to assess the career motivations of millennials. The perception that money and status were the main drivers of this younger generation were  untrue. 

75% of the surveyed employees between the ages of 21 and 31 said that a career with a sense of purpose and meaning was most important to them.

Positive Environment

Teamwork is both a contributor to and signifier of a positive work environment.

In 2011 several Australian institutions published the results of a longitudinal study into the psychosocial quality of work.

For people to generate their best performance they need to feel connected and engaged with purpose and meaning. This is true irrespective of the arena.  It is how people, at their best, work and play.

Teamwork is the best reflection of a positive environment.

PepTalk's platform makes teamwork easy

We provide managers with monthly advice and materials specifically aimed at improving teamwork. All at the touch of a button
Case study
Sysco Ireland
“We knew the PepTalk hub would help solve this issue but the adoption and usage by employees during the Workplace Wellness Championships was really impressive”
Christine McGrath
Learning & Development – Sysco Ireland (Pallas Foods)
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of survey respondents felt Peptalk improved their personal life & connection to colleagues
Case study
"Prior to the Covid and 'working from home' we had not really pushed the wellbeing program, more allowing employees to find their own ways of using it. But the WWC provided a nice catalyst for us to start pulling together as one team."
Laura Brennan
Head of HR
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Grenke leaders inspire a dramatic rise in wellbeing activity

This is how PepTalk makes an impact

Gamified Team Challenges

At regular intervals throughout the year we will run company wide team challenges. The are scalable though the whole organisations and led my the managers and senior leadership. There is no better way to generate shared experiences amongst your people.

Social Community

Within the PepTalk app there are daily themed #hashtags for employees at every level to post images of where they are and what they up to. This window into the working day is great for kicking starting conversations and connections.

Manager Training

Whether your team is location based, fully remote or operating under a hybrid model of working, communication and engagement are the springboards for success. Our Leadership Lab and Monthly TeamTalks provide actionable ways for managers to engage with their team.


Managing teams based around KPIs is a limited, one-dimensional approach to people management.

Our new pulsing feature will provide real-time data to managers on their team's readiness to work.

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