2. Empower Culture & New Ways of Working

Amplify your values, embed habits and behaviours needed to deliver transformation and change in today's workplace, which is not always the ONE place!

The problem...

The global pandemic has forced lots of businesses to embrace remote and hybrid ways of working. Added to that are things such as new operating models, mergers and acquisitions. New people, new managers and new teams means new values and new cultures need to embed and activate for your business to thrive. The 'old way of doing things' won't cut it; especially so where the loss of proximity and the absence of the 'water-cooler' has reduced the ability for human working relationships to develop and thrive.

The struggle is real when it comes to re-creating virtually a positive culture and the human connection that a shared location provides. The risk in neglecting this is lost productivity, delays and an increase in the cost of doing business.

Things that don't work...

Communications tools, wellbeing apps and point solutions to engage people are useful to a certain degree but ultimately have fallen short maintaining connection and engagement amongst the broad population of a dispersed workforce.

Lack of proactivity and inclusivity as regards the relevance and accessibility of workplace programmes results in a wide gap between desired participation and impact with the actual reality on the ground amongst teams. Modelling habits and behaviours consistently is the key to unlocking culture and change in the new world of work. You are what you regularly do.

The PepTalk solution

Culture and performance in the new workplace will be created through shared experiences not shared environments. Managers and leaders can be the key to achieving this when they have the right tools and a vehicle to consistently model the right behaviours and habits.

PepTalk's gamified action platform delivers this by measuring sentiment and providing action pathways to create the culture through the desired activities and behaviours you need to see demonstrated across your work place and people regardless of their location.

The Outcome

  • Positive culture lives and breaths within and across teams, it thrives when it is championed by managers at all levels
  • Engagement scores improve
  • Business outcomes are achieved regardless of the location of teams.

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