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PepTalk CEO Update - Taking Team Experience™ to the US
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PepTalk CEO Update - Taking Team Experience™ to the US

James Brogan
James Brogan
CEO and Co-Founder
James Brogan
December 20, 2022


I am in NYC this week and genuinely blown away by all messages of support around our funding announcement and the US expansion plans. 

There is a wonderful ecosystem of people, (too many to mention to possibly mention here!) who have been so helpful in so many different ways in getting PepTalk to where it is today.

Recognising the milestone moments in your startup journey are so important (as this is hard!!) and this week was one of the biggest ones for PepTalk so far. 

The Sunday Independent feature on PepTalk

The most important people, our team, deserve all the credit 

The hard work, sacrifice and innovation of everyone at PepTalk is why we’re here today. 

We’re delighted to have found a brilliant partner in VentureWave Capital with Alan Foy, Brian Martin and Kieran McLoughlin joining us for this exciting new chapter of growth. 

We also had a brilliant bench of advisors in CKS Finance, Wallace Corporate Counsel alongside our existing investors, Enterprise Ireland and Haatch

The new PepTalk office in New York City

So what does this all mean for PepTalk? 

Well some things will stay the same and some things will look a little different, for example..

People - We have an incredible team who now need more help! 

We haven't wasted any time in getting rockstar CMO Tara O’ Sullivan in the door and we have a few more to announce very soon.  

In 2023, we’re also hiring across all of our teams so if you’re interested in joining something really special reach out to me on linkedin.

Product - We are building something really special at the moment

We’re creating the world’s first Team Experience (TX) platform to address the biggest challenges facing organizations right now 

  • How do we bring leaders and their teams meaningfully together
  • How do we build trust and really engage our teams
  • How do we really create a high performance culture especially in a hybrid work landscape

We'll be announcing our product roadmap in early 2023, let me know if you’d  like an early  preview.

(Or click here, scroll to the bottom, and sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing)

Place - We are expanding to the US

While continuing to build a customer base across the UK and Ireland,  we’re excited to open our first USA office. 

We’ve been so fortunate to work with US multinationals such as Northern Trust, PayPal, Verizon in the last number of years so it feels like a perfect time to take that next step to strengthen our presence in the USA. 

I’ll be moving across to New York in the new year, so if there are any connections across the network whom I should meet please let me know :) 

PepTalk is coming to America

Our mission remains the same

What’s going to stay the same though is our mission to help organizations connect their people and build a stronger sense of belonging where everyone feels seen, heard and valued. 

We help organizations understand:

  • how to engage their teams, 
  • how to make them great, 
  • how they can build simple habits among their leaders to build connection and belonging in their teams

The result - a positive environment where everyone can reach their potential and perform at their best. 

To our team, board, partners, customers, advisors and everyone else, thanks for all the support, looking forward to sharing our story here as we go.

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