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PepTalk launch new Paths app release - scream and shout!
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PepTalk launch new Paths app release - scream and shout!

Haelee Reis
Haelee Reis
Head of Marketing and Program
Haelee Reis
April 25, 2022

Excuse us for a moment while we shout about our incredible team.

Excited butterflies. Slightly sweaty palms. Bouncing our knees under our desk as we swipe down to refresh our screens. That nervous wait to see months of hard work light up in front of our eyes. 

Our team last month - waiting to launch our BIGGEST app release ever! 

In case you missed it…

There was a HOOOGE PepTalk launch last month and without getting into the amazingness of our new Paths app release, we want to scream and shout about our entire team who’ve worked their tooshes off getting this across the line. 

From reimagining and redesigning our app to countless hours of development, writing, prototypes, coffee, specs, tests, questions, coffee, graphics, articles, scripts, filming and more coffee, our team absolutely smashed it outta the park! 

First time hearing about Paths? 

Jump over here and check out what all the buzz is about.

A team of superstars

Huge shout out to our whole team! Thank you for being absolute legends and bringing Paths to life.

Can we please just take a moment to celebrate these two teams. Thank you to the Program and Tech teams who were the driving force behind this enormous project! 

The Program Team Anne-Marie, Michelle, Bernard, Shem, Ailis, Rosie, Louise, Brian and Niall who pulled ALL the content together from start to finish. After countless hours, endless planning, pages of scripts and one outrageously in-depth Google sheet, you produced absolute magic.

And our Tech geniuses who made Paths a reality. Thank you Karl, Sean, Dan, Sagar and Yanet for making this a reality and building our slick new app release. You were the driving force behind this and dang did you deliver!

Shout out to the Customer Success superstars, Jason, Aishling, Iolanda and Mark. Thank you for providing our clients outstanding support and knowing exactly what we need to do to help them get the best out of their teams. 

To the Marketing magicians, Gus, Darragh, Haelee and Conor, thank you for: working across paths, always stepping up whenever, wherever needed (queue Shakira), and getting everyone hyped up for this new release.  

And last but definitely not least - our Sales and Finance team. Shout out to James, Andrew and Louise for holding down the fort, always being there to bounce ideas, jumping in when we needed an extra set of hands and supporting the team during this huge project.

This new app release was a massive team effort and we’re jumping up and down with pride over here. 

The PepTalk Team

PepTalk 2.0 is officially here

Thank you again to our awesome team! Massive kudos to you all!

We’re officially in the land of PepTalk 2.0 and we’re excited to tackle more exciting, new projects as a team in the coming year. 

Watch this space.

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