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How to Hack the Happy Chemicals
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How to Hack the Happy Chemicals

Shem Douglas
Shem Douglas
Program Design, Content, & Creative Wizard
Shem Douglas
January 2, 2023
How we experience life is dependent on what kind of mayhem and merriment the chemicals in our brains are up to!

Happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety are powerful emotions that are directly linked to the neuroscience-y stuff that is in your head... and YOU fine friends can hack this to work to your advantage.

Naturally what may work for you may be different for the next person but there are little nudges and pointers you can try to help push your brain into a more positive state. Whether that is small adjustments in your attitude or physical fitness... or simply finding the beauty in the mundanity of life. 

You can boost the feel good chemicals swimming around your head… now!

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