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The 50/30/10/10 Rule: Wake Up + Werk!
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The 50/30/10/10 Rule: Wake Up + Werk!

Shem Douglas
Shem Douglas
Program Design, Content, & Creative Wizard
Shem Douglas
December 12, 2022
50% Determination

You want to get better. You need to get better. You have to get obsessed with getting better! Until you hit this obsessive stage and the giant fuzzy glow of revelation drops, you’ll keep convincing yourself waking up early isn’t worth it. You’ll happily hit the snooze on your alarm and stay in bed. 

It’s all about asking yourself how bad do you really want it?

30% Preparation

The 5 steps to help you prep for an early morning:

1. Going to bed earlier

2. “Winding down” before bed

3. Planning your morning the day before

4. No drinking caffeine after 2pm

5. Exercising during the day


10% Execution

Don’t lay in bed checking social media, emails, or how the world is still on fire! Just get up and leave the bed.

Do give yourself something as a reward after waking up like a strong, smooth coffee.

Try setting your alarm across the room from you so it requires effort to keep getting up and pressing snooze.


10% Random Sparkles of Luck

Sometimes life gets in the way even though your intentions are pure and honest. Things get hectic, stressful and you are going to want to roll over and make a fort of duvet and pillows! 

However, there are elements that pop up in your life that can hold you accountable for following through.

Whether it’s a small attention seeking child or pet… or even your own guilt of laziness. Get yourself someone who can hold you accountable! It’s these wonderful things that make a productive day and help smash the hell outta your dreams!

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