Introducing PepTalk Paths: New App Release Drives Team Connection and Habit Change with Personalised Journeys

April 25, 2022

Today, PepTalk launched their exciting, new app release PepTalk Paths that drives team connection and habit change through science-backed, personalised journeys. 

PepTalk understands that to make good teams great, they need a little bit of effort, input, and development to do their best work. PepTalk Paths provides the necessary actions that bring about change and growth in individuals and teams.

It’s All About Insight, Action, Measure

The PepTalk platform helps teams in work overcome specific and very human things that get in the way of them ‘showing up’ together.  

Organisations gain insights from the platform to better understand how their teams are feeling and what they need to do their best work. 

Teams and individuals can take action and utilise PepTalk Paths from global experts to address any areas or topics that will help their teams.

Using real-time data and insights Managers and Senior Leaders can measure outcomes and close the information <> action gap. This allows organisations to truly know the health of their teams and the trends on engagement by team and by region.

PepTalk believes early, small, consistent action stems the tide. Insights need to be acted on quickly and consciously measured to fully understand their impact. 

Backed by behavioural science, PepTalk Paths support and engage teams in their journey, driving behaviour change that will improve employee engagement and connection. 

Quote by Doctor Heather McKee

Why Paths?

PepTalk Paths offer teams and individuals a mix of learning and action-based challenges to complete to gain knowledge, develop skills, and build confidence both personally and professionally.

PepTalk knows every team and individual are different. That’s why this new Paths release was built specifically to meet teams exactly where they are. 

Paths are quick, fun, simple actions that are backed by behavioural science to drive team connection. They consist of tailored actions that are practical and relevant to individual teams and their specific challenges. The ability for users to share their journey and get support from colleagues creates a winning team culture and an environment of support. 

By creating a sense of achievement and accomplishment for users, Paths drives connection and shared experience in teams and organisations.

Download or upgrade your app and start your journey with Paths on iOs or Android.
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How Paths Work

Paths is a purpose-built environment that encourages and enables a winning team experience of psychological safety, trust, collaboration, communication and empathy.

Paths take you or your team on a guided journey to change a habit, learn something new or simply have fun together! This new release delivers tailored, personalised action at scale and allows teams to focus on challenges specific to their team. 

Using a framework designed by behaviour change specialists, PepTalk applies evidence-based behaviour change theory and techniques (such as the COM-B model and Self Determination Theory) into a scalable digital program. 

The science behind it

PepTalk has built behavioural science into their program to support and engage teams in their journey. This framework supports PepTalk to create a program that optimises intrinsic motivation to enhance participant uptake as well as provide teams the best opportunity to create lasting change.

What to expect 

Paths are built to provide an environment where the barriers to adopt new team behaviours are reduced through providing actions that are educational, simple to undertake, and are fun and social.

New Diverse Path Categories 

Diversifying their core categories to better serve individuals and teams, PepTalk Paths now include: Move, Nourish, Money, Sleep, Mindset, Connect, Team Culture, Powering Teams and Work Hacks. 

They’ve also stepped it up another level with their leaders only category called The Leadership Lab. These are specific paths to help managers and leaders overcome challenges in the new world of work.

Individual and Team Paths

Each category has paths that an individual can go on themselves, or a team can go on as a group. 

The new PepTalk Paths include:

  • Team Rockies (virtual hiking in the Move cat)
  • The Wild Goose Chase (Team Culture, a virtual team scavenger hunt)
  • Focus Fast & Furiously (Work Hacks that help focus the mind and get work done)
  • The Energy Balance (Mindset category which focuses on managing your energy, not your time). 

They’ve also included paths on Burnout and Managing Stress and taking action around these areas. 

Science-Backed Paths Led by Global Experts

All paths are expert-led and grounded in behavioural change science. 

Paths are led by global experts such as: 

  • Colm Murphy (IRE, Leadership Coach)
  • Santis O'Garro (IRE, Money Mentor)
  • Ulrika Gervais (SWE, Nutritionist)
  • Bennie Fowler (US, Executive Coach & Super Bowl Winner)
  • Christianne Klien (US, TV Anchor & Best Selling Author)
  • Liz Izenring (AUS, International Nutrition & Wellness Expert)
  • Isa Nacewa (NZ, Former Professional Rugby Player)
  • Nicola Barclay (UK, Sleep Scientist)

This exciting, new app release will help organisations drive team connection and create lasting behavioural change. 

PepTalk knows exactly what it takes to turn good teams into great teams! PepTalk Paths creates the winning environment for great teams to thrive in the modern workplace. 

Download or upgrade your app and start your journey with Paths on iOs or Android.
Not a PepTalk customer yet? Contact the PepTalk team HERE to connect and engage your teams!
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