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Quarterly Awards: A Round of Applause For These PepTalk Stars
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Quarterly Awards: A Round of Applause For These PepTalk Stars

Haelee Reis
Haelee Reis
Head of Marketing and Program
Haelee Reis
January 9, 2024

Your Hard Work Doesn’t Go Unnoticed!

Here at PepTalk we celebrate the remarkable leaders and teams who make a difference in their organization using our platform! At the core of our ethos is a heartfelt appreciation for the relentless pursuit of excellence by organizations, managers, and teams like yours. Day in and day out, you're the champions driving team culture to new heights.

Our quarterly awards represent something special – they're a vibrant acknowledgment of the passion and perseverance of our esteemed PepTalk Leaders. These are the trailblazers who tirelessly lead the charge, ensuring that their teams and organizations not only succeed but thrive.

To each and every PepTalk Leader: your dedication doesn't go unnoticed. We're in awe of your achievements and are genuinely grateful for the energy you bring. Cheers to your extraordinary journey and the many triumphs ahead! 🎉

Here are our 3 award winners for December 2023:

  • Top Organization - Mercury 
  • Top Team - James King's Team at Jacobs Engineering
  • Top Manager - Clint Moreno, Syska Hennessy

Top Organization - Mercury 

Mercury: +500% boost in engagement in over just four months

Under the visionary leadership of Niamh Gilmore and Mick O'Connor, Mercury has not only set but surpassed exemplary standards in employee engagement. Their groundbreaking collaboration with PepTalk has led to the pioneering of a direct messaging communication method, delivering premium content that resonates deeply with their team, through Microsoft Teams. This innovative approach resulted in a staggering 500% increase in engagement, showcasing Mercury's dedication to listening and adapting to their employees' needs.

In September and October 2023 alone, Mercury's team engaged with over 112,000 direct PepTalk content messages in their Microsoft Teams chat. This shift to a more blended approach of communication, combining wellbeing channels and direct messaging in Microsoft Teams, has proven immensely successful. In just a short period, their wellbeing channel saw an extraordinary rise from 13,000 to over 65,000 engagements in September, followed by another impressive 47,000+ engagements in October, reflecting a dynamic and responsive engagement strategy.

With a commitment to enhancing the employee experience through these innovative tech solutions, Mercury has not just reached but connected with its extensive team of over 3000+ employees. This initiative is more than a mere boost in numbers; it's a transformative journey in workplace culture and communication, making Mercury a trailblazer in the industry.

Top Team - Jacobs Engineering 

Unity in Achievement: The Triumph of James King's Team, Jacobs Engineering

James King's team at Jacobs Engineering is a shining example of what collaborative efforts can achieve. Garnering an astounding 42,810 points during their company game. They not only topped the leaderboard but have also demonstrated the power of unity. This achievement speaks volumes about the team's exceptional coordination, seamless communication, and effective leadership under James King. Their high score is not just a number, but a narrative of commitment, teamwork, and mutual support. 

This award is a salute to their collective spirit and the remarkable results that emerge when a team truly comes together with a shared vision.

Top Manager - Clint Moreno, Syska Hennessy 

Leadership That Inspires: Clint’s Role in Elevating Syska Hennessy

Clint's leadership style stands out for its enthusiasm and effectiveness in creating a vibrant, supportive environment, where teams are motivated to excel and thrive. His dedication has been instrumental in ensuring Syska Hennessy continues to be ahead of the curve, consistently achieving results above PepTalk benchmarks.  Clint has excelled in closing the loop between PepTalk insights and supporting all leaders to take relevant interventions for their teams. Clint's impact on Syska Hennessy extends beyond mere numbers; it's about nurturing a positive, collaborative workplace that resonates with every team member. 

Keep up the great work Clint!

Driving Positive Change in 2024

As we conclude the year with these awards, we're inspired by the achievements of Mercury, James King's team at Jacobs Engineering, and Clint from Syska Hennessy. Their success stories exemplify the values of PepTalk: leadership, teamwork, and innovative work culture. 

These winners are not just recipients of awards but true leaders for our entire organisations. As we applaud them, we look forward to witnessing and celebrating more transformative achievements in the coming quarters. Let's continue to embrace the PepTalk spirit and drive positive change in our workplaces in 2024!

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