Case study
Despite having staff in office spread across the country, Grenke built a great sense of connection by engaging with the PepTalk program.
October 20, 2021
Grenke leaders inspire 385% rise in wellbeing activity

Grenke is a German finance company established in 1978. Since then they have enjoyed phenomenal growth and have over 1,700 employees in offices across 32 countries. Their Irish operation has more than 50 employees covering a number of functions in 3 different locations across the country.

Grenke partnered with PepTalk in August 2019. Prior to the partnership, Grenke had no dedicated wellbeing program. They offered some wellbeing services by supporting sponsored 5K runs and providing fruit on various days. The purpose of partnering with PepTalk was to increase the connection and engagement levels with employees across the company.

After the global pandemic took hold, work from home and lockdown orders were issued by the Irish government. The business leaders in Grenke realised their wellbeing program would become a crucial tool in safeguarding their people that were now working remotely.

In June 2020 Grenke took part in the PepTalk Workplace Wellness Championships (WWC). The WWC is a bit of friendly competition between companies using the PepTalk platform. The aim is to amass the most amount of points from physical, learning and community-driven wellness activities over a three week period. Bouyed by the endorsement from the senior leaders, Grenke finished third out of twenty companies

"Prior to the Covid and 'working from home' we had not really pushed the wellbeing program, more allowing employees to find their own ways of using it. But the WWC provided a nice catalyst for us to start pulling together as one team."
Laura Brennan // Head of HR – Grenke
"There is a great sense of connection from engaging with the PepTalk program. Senior leaders in the business are encouraging everyone to get involved and be part of the community rather than just being employees in a company. ”
Justin Twiddy // Managing Director – Grenke

Before & after results
HUB ACTIVITY: 385% increase in average daily active user sessions compared to prior to the WFH order being issued.
LEARNING: Over 1,400 courses were taken with a completion rate of 97%. This equates to 2 courses per day per person for 3 weeks.
The survey respondents felt the WWC improved their personal life & ENGAGEMENT to colleagues.
The key takeaways
Leading by participating
Through encouragement and active participation themselves, managers in Grenke were able to boost participation in the PepTalk program across the whole organisation.
Better people, make better employees
Humans want to connect, interact, affiliate, care, and share. Over 1,400 pictures were posted to the social wall in the PepTalk app allowing people to see their colleagues 'in real life' while working from home.
Breaking down work silos
Grenke uses the PepTalk is to provide an opportunity for employees from all departments and locations to engage with each other. The PepTalk program became a conversation starter between people who may not have had a work-related reason to interact.

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