Case study
By leveraging the PepTalk platform’s ability to create shared experiences through gamified challenges, Payzone were able to boost overall engagement and team spirit in their organisation despite not being in a shared environment.
November 11, 2021
Gamified, shared experiences contributed to an elevated sense of team spirit for 75% of Payzone employees.

Payzone is one of Ireland’s largest branded consumer payments network providing an innovative, efficient and economic service for private and public sector organisations requiring a payment acceptance network.

As a cohesive and tight knit organisation that previously enjoyed a lot of in-person social events and connections, the pandemic presented an urgent need for Payzone to find a digital solution to keep community, connection and relationships where they needed to be.

The leadership teams at Payzone knew that maintaining their culture and enhancing the human experience for their employees was now essential to maintaining business performance.

Capitalising on shared experiences

In 2021, Payzone competed in PepTalk’s Workplace Wellbeing Championships, an intercompany competition between PepTalk clients. With points tracking and real time leaderboards taken care of by PepTalk all the Payzone team had to do was take part. Despite being one of the smaller organisations in the competition, Payzone were crowned the overall champions, a testament to the camaraderie, team spirit and sense of belonging that they had fostered. Leading up to the games they had leveraged other elements of the platform to really galvanise the teams. 

Using PepTalk as part of the onboarding process

Payzone had long prided themselves on a smooth and inclusive onboarding experience for new hires. The shift to remote working posed a real threat to that. New hires coming into such a close knit group without the opportunity to experience that inclusive culture that others before them had done could impact not only the organisational culture but also potentially on workflow.

The onboarding of new hires was a really innovative way that Payzone used the PepTalk platform.

Introducing new team members weekly using fun get to know me Q&A’s delivered via in app video helped to spark conversation points between employees and uncover hidden talents. These videos soon became one of the most engaging pieces of content on the platform.

C-Suite participation

The success of PepTalk was further elevated by the commitment of the leadership team at Payzone.

Modeling the right behaviours and engaging in the platform was critical. CFO, Jim Bell recognised that he had a chance to provide both useful and inspirational content for his team and was happy to show his life beyond the lens of work, from sharing videos of himself learning to paddle board to opening up a Leaders in Lockdown session all of which drove higher engagement with the PepTalk platform.

Before & after results
72% of employees surveyed agree that Payzone is looking after the wellbeing of its employees [increase from 56% August 2020]
75% of those in Team Comp experienced improved team spirit
71% of those using the app (in team comp or not ) feel PepTalk helps improve connection with colleagues
The key takeaways
User Generated Content Leads to Higher Engagement
Although PepTalk is a fully loaded platform, by actively creating and posting their own content like the new hire Q&As and the Leaders in Lockdown series Payzone saw much higher engagement than simply relying on the PepTalk content series alone.
Creating Meaningful Day to Day Interactions is Key
Because the PepTalk program allows for meaningful day to day interactions to happen between colleagues Payzone have been able to ensure a positive 'collective wellbeing' resulting in a more human workplace where people thrive and do their best work.
Remote onboarding expereince
Onboarding of new hires was an innovative way that Payzone used the PepTalk platform. Introducing new team members weekly using fun Q&A’s delivered via in-app video helped spark conversation points between employees and uncover hidden talents.

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