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Building a Culture of Safety to Reduce Accidents and Improve Engagement across 15 Countries

Mercury engineering understands the importance of breaking down the stigma around mental health, particularly within the context of their industry, and is dedicated to building a positive work culture where every employee feels seen, valued and cared about both personally and professionally.

Facts & Figures


PepTalk Platform Users

3,000 Mercury employees are using the PepTalk platform.


Energised or Relaxed

55% of the Mercury workforce reporting feeling energised or relaxed.



Only 3% of the Mercury workforce reporting feeling anxious.

The Goal: 

  • Make wellbeing a priority for all
  • Maintain true team connection
  • Build a sense of belonging amongst their employees
“Culture has always been deeply rooted in our core value of safety, and this extends to mental safety and wellbeing”Mercury

Why One Size Doesn't Fit All

The Approach 

Over the past 5 years Mercury has been introducing wellness initiatives as well as partnering with experts, like PepTalk, to build a great team experience for their people.

Since partnering with PepTalk:

  • 3,000 employees using the PepTalk platform
  • 12 consecutive monthly Team Check-In completed
  • 970 average Check-Ins per/month
  • 230 TeamTalks / ToolBox Talks Company Wide 

The Power Of Team Check-In

"You can feel the buzz when you go onsite."

“Based on the [PepTalk] check in element we are able to keep track of the general morale of employees and update our wellbeing strategy to ensure that it is relevant and working towards the needs of our people.” Mercury

Key Takeways

More Case Studies

John Paul Construction

How John Paul Construction Improved Psychological Safety and Culture with PepTalk

With a rapidly expanding organisation, a fast paced environment and widely dispersed teams - it’s easy to lose that personable small business feel. PepTalk has enabled John Paul Construction to reconnect and see each other as someone's dad, mother, sister, brother and not just an employee.
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82% of AIB users say the PepTalk program increased connection to colleagues

Using PepTalk’s gamified shared experiences AIB was able to initiate a series of culture building challenges to drive really high engagement and connection. With PepTalk making it easy to create leaderboards and track points, the branches and head office teams entered into these friendly challenges with gusto, increasing employee engagement across the organisation..
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Gamified, shared experiences contributed to an elevated sense of team spirit for 75% of Payzone employees.

By leveraging the PepTalk platform’s ability to create shared experiences through gamified challenges, Payzone were able to boost overall engagement and team spirit in their organisation despite not being in a shared environment.
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How PepTalk helped Nitro increase team connection from 53% to 70% in less than 3 months.

Learn how PepTalk helped Nitro increase team connection, boost engagement and improve their teams readiness to work in less than 3 months.
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Pharmaceutical Company

100% rise in employee sentiment at pharmaceutical company by focusing on the HX at work

By focusing on improving the human experience at work, our pharmaceutical client 2x employee sentiment on their approach to wellbeing in a 6 month period.
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Grenke leaders inspire 385% rise in wellbeing activity

Despite having staff in office spread across the country, Grenke built a great sense of connection by engaging with the PepTalk program.
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Pallas Foods

PepTalk users experienced 34% lift in wellbeing at Pallas Foods

The wellbeing score for Pallas Foods rose overall from 50% to 67% after the Workplace Wellbeing Championships 2020
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