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PepTalk users experienced 34% lift in wellbeing at Pallas Foods

Pallas Foods
The wellbeing score for Pallas Foods rose overall from 50% to 67% after the Workplace Wellbeing Championships 2020

Facts & Figures



The wellbeing score for Pallas Foods rose overall from 50% to 67%, as measured before and immediately after the WWC 2020



HUB ACTIVITY: 42% increase in average weekly user sessions of the PepTalk app during the WWC



Of survey respondents felt the WWC improved their personal life and ENGAGEMENT with colleagues

Pallas Foods is the largest food business in Ireland with a team of over 1,300 people delivering fresh, frozen, non-food and ambient food products to thousands of customers every night. They came to PepTalk in the second half of 2019 looking to support employees in a wider, more human context. Employee surveys had shown an appetite for a wellbeing programme.

In June 2020 Pallas Foods took part in their first Workplace Wellness Championships (WWC). The WWC is a bit of friendly competition between companies using the PepTalk platform. The aim is to amass the most amount of points from physical, learning and community-driven wellness activities over a three week period.

After three weeks of competition, Pallas Foods were crowned winner of the Workplace Wellness Championship 2020.

"Opportunities for team members from different business functions such as Sales, Operations and Shared Services to collaborate and build relationships can be limited; their paths may never cross on a working day.

We in Pallas really wanted to create opportunities for team building and bonding in an organic way rather than through structured social activities.

We knew the PepTalk hub would help solve this issue but the adoption and usage by employees during the Workplace Wellness Championships was really impressive”

Christine McGrath
Learning & Development, Pallas Foods

Key Takeways

Autonomy Leadership setting the example

Senior management empowered employees to make time every day to engage with the PepTalk program. By giving employees the autonomy to assign time to the PepTalk program saw engagement with the app remain high after WWC finished.

Mastery Better people, make better employees

Employees responded massively to having the autonomy to dedicate themselves to engaging with the PepTalk hub. Pallas employees undertook 4,055 courses in the Academy with a 97% completion rate.

Purpose A non-work way to break down work silos

Pallas Foods uses the PepTalk is to provide an opportunity for employees from all departments to communicate. The PepTalk program became an effective way of starting conversations between people who may not have had a work-related reason to talk.

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