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Learn how PepTalk helped Nitro increase team connection, boost engagement and improve their teams readiness to work in less than 3 months.
July 18, 2022
How PepTalk helped Nitro increase team connection from 53% to 70% in less than 3 months.

Nitro started using the PepTalk platform and program to help managers boost engagement in the weekly flow of work. The company is dedicated to their positive company culture and knew PepTalk would help them maintain this culture.  

However they didn’t expect these results this fast… 

An increase in team connection from 53% to 70% in under 3 months. That’s impressive. 

A global software company that cares about their teams.

Nitro is a global software company that helps companies with digital transformation through 100% digital document processes and fast, efficient workflows. They have almost 3 million licensed users and 13,000+ Business Customers in 155 countries.  Nitro is headquartered in San Francisco with hubs in Toronto, Dublin, London, and Melbourne.

Nitro is a company that prides itself on an incredibly strong company culture. 

They are incredibly active with their people across the organisation in creating a sense of connection. After a number of acquisitions and business growth, 2021 saw the headcount in teams throughout the organisation grow rapidly. 

3 Reasons Nitro partnered with PepTalk 

  1. Amplify and complement their existing activities with some leadership tools
  2. Make the onboarding process for new hires more engaging and inclusive
  3. Make it easy for managers to boost engagement in the weekly flow of work

Improving team connection amongst global teams

Rapidly scaling and knowing the global nature of their organisation, Nitro realised they would need a single source of truth for engagement activities. 

While there was willingness from the managers, and existing activities around building engagement, there was no one focal point to guide managers in a consistent approach. The PepTalk employee app acted as a central location for all information on engagement and wellbeing activity and content. The wider PepTalk platform provided managers with leadership tools and a consistent approach for managers to build connections and engagement.

In September 2021 began using the Team Check-In and TeamTalk features with great success. In January 2022 the whole organisation participated in the Habit Hunter challenge [to develop new positive habits for the coming year], again with great success.

"It’s sometimes hard to get people talking and to build culture remotely. I’ve had 6 new hires in the past 5 months so finding a way to connect people was crucial to me. Peptalk has been a dream for me as it provides great quality content with a click of a button. I love starting our meeting with a short video [from the PepTalk TeamTalk] that generates discussion.” 

Yasmen Abdel Khalek // Manager, Customer Success | Nitro

“There is a [micro-learning] video about the importance of active listening and ways to utilise it. This helps my Customer Success Managers get better at their roles, and also generates a meaningful conversation about how important active listening is at home with loved ones. I am a huge fan of the content and the questions following up helps create an organic discussion in a meaningful way. "

Yasmen Abdel Khalek // Manager, Customer Success | Nitro
Before & after results
New Positive Habits
+83% of participants surveyed after the Habit Hunter challenge agreed that their new positive habit had improved their overall happiness.
More Exercise
+63% of participants surveyed after the Habit Hunter challenge have decided to exercise more - “As I’m working from home, going for a long walk really helps me disconnect after work, clears my head. Last year, I was lazy sometimes, but now I really enjoy going every day, and force myself to go out because I know I’ll feel better after”.
Increased Engagement
By using the PepTalk TeamTalk, managers were able to create 140 opportunities for unique engagements with their teams by discussing topics that help create psychological safety and connection.
Better Connection
Nitro increased team connection amongst colleagues from 53% to 70% in less than 3 months.
The key takeaways
Single source of truth
With the company scaling quickly and employees working from home during Covid there was a loss of connection and engagement amongst their people. By partnering with PepTalk, Nitro was able to build a consistent program of activities and initiatives across the organisation, making it easy for managers to boost engagement in the weekly flow of work.
Regular Team Check-In
Using the PepTalk Team Check-In feature, managers in Nitro are able to gauge their employees' readiness to work. The Check-In also provides insights into concerns employees have and position the PepTalk program content as a potential solution. The monthly content also provides valuable opportunities to build psychological safety within their teams.
Easier Onboarding
Having a monthly PepTalk TeamTalk gives managers the opportunity to engage with their team on interesting, non-work related topics. This is a great way of giving all team members an opportunity to talk, be heard, and listen to their colleagues in a safe environment. This is the basis for psychological safety and, high-performance in teams.

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