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So, You’re A Screw Up!
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So, You’re A Screw Up!

Anne-Marie Lowry
Anne-Marie Lowry
Head of Program
Anne-Marie Lowry
May 5, 2022

We’ve all been there, making a mess of things, life going a bit pear shaped, those times when you just want that big black hole to swallow you up… for full transparency, I’ve the cold sweats thinking about mine! 

But, I’m typing and laughing, so they can’t have been that bad! (I think!)

Regardless of how you see those around you, it’s likely that even your most highly regarded MVP has also messed up like a true pro. 

So next time you mess up (by the way, it’s completely normal and human to do this!) 

Here's a few tips to help you own it like a boss!

  1. Recognise it… the longer you leave a mistake, the harder it becomes to fix. So recognise it sooner rather than later… trust me, I’ve been there!
  2. Own it… we’re all leaders in our own way. And, standing over a mistake and owning it is one true way to create a positive culture in the workplace and communities around you.
  3. Understand that you’re not the only one… yep, believe it or not, we all make mistakes. So ease up on giving yourself a hard time!
  4. Feel the pain… yep, this can be tough but remember the pain will ease and soon you’ll realise that things aren’t so bad.
  5. Pivot… (and not the Ross from Friends pivoting way!) Learn from what has happened, adjust your sails and make the changes as you need.

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