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Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse - According to Myers-Briggs 16 Type Indicator (MBTI)
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Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse - According to Myers-Briggs 16 Type Indicator (MBTI)

Shem Douglas
Shem Douglas
Program Design, Content, & Creative Wizard
Shem Douglas
August 10, 2022

(Reading Time: 5 mins)

The scenario

You’re casually making a cup of tea in your kitchen...

There is a faint sound of strangulated moans in the background but you brush it off as your local friendly drunk meandering down the street after getting overly excited at pubs finally being open! All of sudden there’s tapping at the window. You sigh just as the kettle finishes boiling annoyed that someone requires your attention. You then turn to see a hideously disfigured ‘person’ that resembles your neighbour Mary. They’re waving. Mary is never that friendly. 

Do you grab the kettle and a tin opener to fashion some sort of medieval weapon?

Do you shrug your shoulders as you have always hated Mary ever since she refused to take in your ASOS delivery a few weeks ago?

Or do you run for your life fully aware that things are about to get crazy??


When it all goes down at the end of the day, are you a fight or flight kinda person?

Depending on your personality, you will respond differently to the world being consumed by brain-eating zombies. According to Myers-Briggs 16 Type Indicator (MBTI) we can understand better how we all would perform under extreme situations.


You can’t decide if you want to run like the wind and essentially die, or find a genius, creative way to thwart the living dead! You have it in you to ‘think outside of the box’ and formulate abstract plans as well as motivating others, but may not be leading the revolt. You may in fact just use your fellow courageous leaders in the group as human shields!



You’re upbeat and positive about being chased by freakishly fast zombies on the apocalyptic battleground! You’re an intuitive dominant type who is all about innovation and weighing up the pros and cons. You would be that person who can assemble a bomb from a tin of beans, toothpaste and your own tears AND know exactly when to detonate said bomb for maximum impact! 


As an idealist and introvert, you would be all about hiding in the jungle or holding up in a pub while it all blows over! I mean sure, you would love to take one for the team, but you are more compelled to die alone or with your nearest and dearest. Isolation is your priority and your creative brain will make the experience as comfortable as possible.


You’re a curious creature who doesn’t seem to phased about the zombie apocalypse. You love challenges and finding the solutions. You will be found inventing a new ecosystem as well as making elaborate zombie traps within a small team of mercenaries. You also hate big loud groups with dictatorships.



When the power struggles start to kick off in camp, you are the one holding motivational Ted Talks! You’re great with inspiring people to be awesome and fearless as well as trying to keep the peace when egos prevail and someone randomly decides that cannibalism is the way forward for humanity!


You are a natural leader and love organising stuff! A pragmatic and actionable strategist. Structure and proactivity in a community is where you shine, and if it was a movie, you would be in a training montage teaching ‘normal folk’ how to use bows and arrows and live off the land! You can see the long term possibilities and have the confidence and vision to take the reins.



You understand and feel everything. You’re an empathetic soul who would be able to console those who have lost loved ones in the apocalypse. You would also be that person who at first everyone thinks is a bit odd as you notice patterns and trends (mainly because you overthink!) You will be found most days sitting scribbling equations in a dark corner, when in fact you are working out a cure to pandemic.


When your camp is due to be overrun by the undead, you are the one who is keeping everyone calm by demonstrating breathing techniques to help when hyperventilating! You like a plan, strategies and having structure to help with the overwhelming emotional support needed when severed limbs are sailing through the air!



You are the efficient resource person! You like to keep it real when you’re armed with nothing but a kettle and tin opener! You’re great with assessing the situation and being adaptable when responding to a crisis situation. You also stay true to yourself and your own values when trying to hatch a plan for survival.



You have reflexes like a Jedi and can happily Yoda yourself out of a zombie apocalypse! Swift troubleshooting is your bag as well as taking down the enemy with whatever you can get your hands on. You’re the type of person who has had long drawn out debates with your friends on how to beat an apocalypse, and already have a packed bag of freeze dried food and a First Aid kit in the car!


As well as being super observant and realistic, you have the skill to be the ethical voice of reason when someone loud and stupid pipes up about using your mate Dave as bait! You’re compassionate and have a strong moral compass with the agility and wit to stay alive so you can die another day!



You’re a bit of an all-rounder. You’d be one of the strongest assets on a zombie killing team with your skillset of resourcefulness, logic and adaptability when it all goes horribly wrong. PLUS you know how to keep your cool. You view surviving as thriving! Yep, you’re one of those madcap adventurers who gets a buzz from danger!


You’re all about team work making the dream work! You also would be advocating how there’s no “I” in team! You would want to ensure that everyone understands and is fully on board with the pros and cons of using Dave as bait and that they were all emotionally prepared. But when it came down to it, you would courageously take Dave’s spot and sacrifice yourself!


You are the co-ordinator on team survival! You’re smart and always have a back-up plan and probably carry antiseptic gel and spare toilet roll! You can take charge and inspire confidence, delegating as you go and riding a horse whilst swinging a machete in the air!



You are so down to earth, focused and nurturing. You’re the type of person everyone goes to for advice about dating in an apocalypse! You also instil a sense of comfort and trust even to the irrational lunatics who want to use Dave as bait! You’d be able to outsmart zombies with traps and running… really fast!



Ooooh you’re so intense! You’re incredibly focused and will be able to tune out distractions to get the job done. Practical needs would be met and everyday there would be a purpose and role for your fellow zombie killing comrades. You don’t have time to be scared or cry real tears when you are trying to build a goddamn hospital or school!

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