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This game helped 83.3% of participants improve their connection to their colleagues
Team Experience
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This game helped 83.3% of participants improve their connection to their colleagues

Haelee Reis
Haelee Reis
Head of Marketing and Program
Haelee Reis
March 2, 2023

Recent research from BetterUp shows that 43% of us don’t feel connected at work. 

Their research found that “remote workers have one fewer work friend on average than those working in an office, four fewer colleagues they’re friendly with, and can feel up to 19% less of a sense of belonging than their in-person or hybrid colleagues.”

At the end of last year, across the whole PepTalk community, these were the 3 things people needed to focus on more:

1) Energy

2) Self Care

3) Connection

After seeing this trend in Check-In results and all the research being released, we bounced into action. 

And as a result, we created The Bounce Back with Bennie Fowler

The Bounce Back

A brand new 2 week team game that started on 25th January. 

Game Goals: 

✅ Realign your focus 

✅ Redraw your boundaries 

✅ Reconnect with yourself and your team

✅ Become the star quarterback of your own self care 

✅ Control and prioritise where and how you use your energy.

Participants made a break towards the end zone, in this 2 week team game, hosted by NFL Super Bowl winner Bennie Fowler. 

After the game

The Bounce Back helped to develop the realistic, transformative and sustainable behaviours needed to cope with the demands of life in and out of the workplace.

Here’s how the game went… 

  • 97.2% said the game increased self-care and energy in a fun way
  • 67.9% said the game helped them take action on Check-In insights
  • 83.3% said The Bounce Back helped improve their connection to colleagues 
  • 8215 Shorts Completed 
  • 6912 Community Posts 

Here’s what some of the participants said after the game when we asked - what impact did coming together as a Team have for you?

  • “Had fun, and there was a lot of encouragement and praise going on for each other”
  • “It showed me what we were capable of when we focus and also lose focus”
  • “It got us engaging and working together towards one goal”
  • “Brought a positive topic of conversation during site walks but with a competitive edge. Overall good energy between operatives. Motivation to get up off my desk and go for a walk. When feeling tired, like you usually would after work, you were motivated to get your steps up. Great use of videos as well. Taking pictures of things we wouldn’t perhaps see or think about if we weren’t in this competition.”

Thank you to everyone who competed in our quarterly competition. 

And a special shout out to our program team who create these masterpieces for us. 

Not part of the PepTalk community? See how the platform works here and join us at one of our upcoming webinars here.

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