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The Unsexy Secret to Success
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The Unsexy Secret to Success

Shem Douglas
Shem Douglas
Program Design, Content, & Creative Wizard
Shem Douglas
October 10, 2022

Do you ever feel like there is an element of despair every time you scroll through social media?! Whether you’re being targeted to buy a teeth whitening product or Karen has a CAPS LOCK opinion in the comment section of a perfectly rational article?

YET amongst the debris of broken dreams and zoom fatigue is a way to shield ourselves from falling into a miserable, tasteless abyss of failure by deploying the most underrated and unsexy secret to success…


Yes this concept is somewhat dry, boring and packs as much dynamic prowess as Y-fronts…

Yet the fact of the matter is… consistency is where you’re going to smash it! In your job, in your relationships, with your health and within your passion projects. In a world where everything is destabilised and wonky donkey, the easiest thing to do would be to lose faith and throw all habitual well-formed behaviours away. But instead we can try and stay on track and bring consistency into our lives!

If you’re gonna aim at something… aim at getting good.

This isn’t about lowering expectations. It’s about working towards ‘good’ and the art of just ‘doing.’ If you’re a writer then write. If you’re a chef then cook. If you’re learning something then just keep learning because with continuous ‘doing’ you should simply get better.

Show up even when you would rather step on a Lego brick!

If you’re going to succeed at something then you need to represent, even when every fibre of your being tells you to sack it off! You have to get into a routine no matter how boring that sounds and not just follow through when the mood takes you. That satisfaction will come when consistent effort is made.

 Sometimes our heart is an idiot!

Our emotions are 100% legitimate and should always be valued, but at the same time we can’t always let them captain the ship! 

Sometimes it’s best to avoid the internal monologue of how you feel about undertaking a task and just crack on.

When it sucks… keep going.

To do great work you don’t have to be feeling awesome living your best life. You’re going to have some shocking days because life likes to test us. And these horrible days where you’ve wanted to run to your bed like a Disney princess still existed BC (before Covid!) To do great work you have to stay in the game throughout the bad in order to push through into the good.

Stop comparing yourself and just do you.

Checking your own path in life against somebody else you admire or straight up envy, is a sure fire way to keep you down and you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself! Most folks are out there trying to keep up just to stay up exactly like you, but the ones succeeding are those who are consistently doing their own thing blocking out the noise of others.

If you want to change… then do it!

Just because you started out on a particular course in life doesn’t mean you are not allowed to switch it up and move to a different area.

All that we do and all that we have done, is never wasted, especially time taken to master new skills or improve ourselves by showing commitment and perseverance.

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